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Summa Vitality

We know that many people may be a bit hesitant at the very mention of the word "CrossFit," and many would prefer to workout in a group of their peers, so our typical group classes may not be the ideal starting point for everyone.  But we know everyone needs to move, and we want to provide a safe, effective training environment for every member of the family!  Enter: Summa Vitality!


This class is geared toward an older population, with the goal of improving mobility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness through functional movements performed at a level of intensity appropriate for the individual. 


 We want to help participants be better prepared for everyday activities, everything from carrying groceries to playing with grandkids to getting a carry-on into the overhead bin on their next adventure.  We want to help people build resilience and independence at home, and become active and functionally fit for a lifetime of health.  Beyond that, everyone deserves a community who has their back, an encouraging and motivating support system, holding them accountable to their goals.

Help us get the word out to the greater community: if you know anyone, parents, grandparents, extended family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. who you think could benefit from our program, please pass the word on!  


Email us at or call 267-368-7110 for more information! 

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