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Coach Sean


Sean’s passion for fitness comes from always being in the weight room through sports and competitive powerlifting when he was younger, but mainly from his own fitness journey and dealing with weight loss. As a collegiate athlete in football, he was always on the “bigger” side and when football was over he knew he needed to get healthy.

His personal weight loss journey culminated in losing 100lbs, led to a career in the fitness industry, and discovering his true purpose in helping others find that same passion to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

He holds a number of certifications both in Crossfit and out: Crossfit Level 1 & Level 2, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, TRX certified, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and also a Cancer Exercise Specialist. 

His main goal is to help anyone achieve their specific goals, ranging from weight loss, to movement specific goals, or even just moving pain free.


“I specifically love Crossfit because it allows any population of people to get the exact same thing and really get better at the most functional movements there are. More so, the added bonus is, you get to do that while being a part of one of the most inclusive communities you could ask for!” 

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Coach Katie

Katie found a love for fitness while she attended the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. More of a bookworm than a jock, she did not compete or participate in sports growing up. She is proof positive that you don't have to start with an athletic background to progress in CrossFit.  She has a passion for helping others find their inner athlete through her caring and knowledge driven style. You will see Katie personal training and coaching classes in the morning at Summa!

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Coach Mike


Mike's passion is also helping others, especially using fitness as a catalyst to improve one's quality of life. He has special interest in Physical Therapy and using corrective exercises, breathing exercises and mobility drills to improve clients range of range, stability, performance and to keep members healthy. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and is CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2 and TRX certified. He was a Division II soccer player in college.


He got involved in CrossFit after he tried a workout when "he thought he was fit" and the workout showed him a "whole other world of fitness that he didn't know existed."


“I love CrossFit because,” he adds. “It shows you what you need to improve upon to be a well rounded, functional human being.”


“I think CrossFit and small group functional training is the future of the fitness industry,” he said. “We are trying to be the best that we can be, to give people something healthy to look forward to everyday that is going to help them grow. Our members continue to inspire me everyday!"

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Coach Stef


Stef played many sports growing up, but most enjoyed her time playing Ultimate Frisbee in college (SUNY Binghamton) and at the club level in Pittsburgh and Columbus, OH where she played in the National Championships. In 2010 she discovered CrossFit. As a 40 year old mom of two, while running half marathons, playing ultimate frisbee and taking various group fitness classes, she had not been aware of CrossFit until a friend posted a video doing kipping pull-ups.  That video drove her to find the local CrossFit gym where she became hooked on a new path to fitness.  The physical challenge of the workouts fulfilled her competitiveness and the opportunity to learn new skills was exciting.  The coaching, athlete camaraderie, and social scene were bonus benefits. Stef moved back to the East Coast in 2011, and spent time coaching at CrossFit Mercer (Hamilton, NJ), Crossfit Nassau (Princeton, NJ) and CrossFit Newtown (Newtown, PA). And she is now glad to have found her home at CrossFit Summa!   

“CrossFit provides athletes with an opportunity to effectively reach their fitness goals.  My job is to teach the skills required to safely and efficiently reach those goals as well as provide motivation to get there.  I believe that your hour in the gym should be the best part of your day.  I strive to inspire others by setting an example of myself and I hope to instill a lifelong enjoyment of health and fitness.  Moms (including those of us over 50) can be strong too! “ 

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