Co-owners and coaches Matt Herman and Mike Herman are longtime trainers and CrossFit competitors. Read on to learn more about them and their training philosophy.

Matt Herman


Matt’s passion is helping people improve their fitness and lives. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and is CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2, AAFA and TRX certified. He was a Division II soccer player in college.


He quickly saw the power of CrossFit when his friend took him to a box: “I joined him for a workout and was immediately hooked.”


“CrossFit makes sense,” he adds. “The philosophy and the science behind it lead to excellent results and the right way to live life.”


Matt joined his twin brother Mike to open CrossFit Summa in June 2013. “I really want to spread the word about CrossFit,” he said. “And my feeling is that if you’re passionate about something then you should go all out. Summa is our way of going all out!”

Photo by Matt Pilsner

Mike Herman


Mike's passion is also helping others, especially using fitness as a catalyst to improve one's quality of life. He has special interest in Physical Therapy and using correctional exercises, breathing exercises and mobility drills to improve clients range of range, stability, performance and to keep members healthy. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and is CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2 and TRX certified. He was a Division II soccer player in college.


He got involved in CrossFit after he tried a workout when "he thought he was fit" and the workout showed him a "whole other world of fitness that he didn't know existed."


“I love CrossFit because,” he adds. “It shows you what you need to improve upon to be a well rounded, functional human being.”


Mike along his twin brother Matt opened CrossFit Summa in June 2013. “I think CrossFit and small group functional training is the future of the fitness industry,” he said. “So we are trying to be the best that we can be to compete with the future market but mostly to give people something healthy to look forward to everyday that is going to help them grow. Our members contine to inspire me everyday!"

Coach Missy


Missy was a high school swimmer and water polo player. She went on to play Division I water polo at Cal State Northridge in California. Currently, she is a high school math teacher. Missy holds a current Level One CrossFit trainer certification, CPR/First Aid certification and a health enthusiast. She competes at a high level in CrossFit and finished in the Top 40 out of 10,000 women under the age of 35 in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

"Never, never, never give up." Missy says. "In life, your job, and even , in your workouts, give it your all." 

You will find Missy coaching or working out during the evening classes at 5:30 or 6:30 pm. With her expertise, she also helps out with the teen and kids classes as well. Whether your competitive or not, Missy is a great role-model of respect, determination, and hard-work paying off, that everyone can learn from. 

Coach Chelsea


You can find Chelsea smiling at CrossFit Summa everyday! Her love for fitness and working out is shown through her commitment and consistency of her own workouts. Come to the night classes to have Chelsea take you though a killer WOD! 

She holds a current CrossFit Level One certification. 

Coach Burns


Mike coaches night classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Summa. If you attend his class, you will find him to be very knowledgable and always willing to help. From beginners to advanced members, he can assist you with finding the right modification that is necessary. 

He holds a current CrossFit Level Two certification. The level Two certification requires practical knowledge and is a test of excellence in coaching. Burns is a great asset to CrossFit Summa and all its members!

Coach Nick Guillen


Nick is currently a part of the U.S. Army and one of the many excellent coaches at Summa. You can find Nick coaching the night classes on Friday nights and running our Adaptive Class. ​He recently got his Apadtive CrossFIt certification in which to work with people with special needs. We hold a class every other Saturday for people of all different backgrounds, disabilities, and needs. 

He holds a current CrossFit Level One certification!

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