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Online Coaching

CrossFit Summa non-member-   $60

Get started on a fitness routine with the guidance of a CrossFit Summa coach. With a monthly membership you will receive:

-Weekly check-ins with your coach

-Personalized written fitness program complete with warm-up, mobility/stretching, workouts and cool downs all made specifically for YOU

-Receive instant feedback 

-No equipment or experience necessary 

Now is your chance to get fit! 


CrossFit Summa member-   $30

Weekly check-ins so that you:

-Get more out of your warm-ups

-Organize your fitness program based on your goals 

-Fix imbalances and prevent injuries 

-Perfect for adding extra workouts or when you can't make it to the gym 


**Competitors programming**  -$60

-Individualized programming that will get you to your goals 

-Improve your weightlifting, overall strength, gymnastics or be all around fitter 

-Designed to eliminate weaknesses 

-Increase performance 

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