July 2014: Vinny Minissale


Chef Vinny’s Special of the Day? CrossFit Summa


Vinny Minissale is a real family guy.  He works tirelessly to run the Minissale family business, Tony’s Pizza and Pasta in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. And then he works out even more intensely with his 18-year-old twin brothers at CrossFit Summa.


After a long day working at his restaurant, there is no place Vinny would rather be than the box he calls home: CrossFit Summa. “This is my happy hour,” he says.


His longtime friend, Mike Burns, got him started, and he has never looked back. “My girlfriend finally drank the Kool-Aid, and now she’s a happy member of the CrossFit Summa family, too,” he says. “Summa is an extremely welcoming environment. We get a lot of encouragement and endless knowledge from our coaches and fellow members."


Vinny has never felt better, and that's important to this family guy. In just six months he has lost 25 pounds and gained incredible strength and self-confidence. “Diabetes runs in my family and I was not going to sit back and let that happen to me," he says.


Vinny recently competed in his first CrossFit competition in Washington, D.C., along with several other Summa members. “I am looking forward to continuing my Summa journey and representing our box in future CrossFit competitions,” he adds.