Summa Athlete of 2014

Tina Busch




Tina Busch has been an exercise fanatic for years and it shows. The 48-year-old mother of three is lean and ripped. She started working out when she was 18 and hasn’t stopped since. “If I don’t work out for an hour, an hour and a half everyday,” Tina says, “I go crazy.”


Tina starred in one of the most exciting moments of 2014 for CrossFit Summa. In November, she participated (along with more than 20 other Summa athletes) in a regional competition called Rally in the Valley. Through a long day of 4 events, from rowing to squat complexes, from thrusters to running, Tina placed well enough in the women’s master division to qualify for the final last competition.


Then things got exciting. With less than half a minute before reaching the time cap, Tina struggled to complete the last lift, a 105-pound overhead press. As the seconds ticked by, the cheers of several hundred spectators and fellow athletes continued to grow. Then, finally, with about 10 seconds left on the clock, Tina threw that bar up over her head like it weighed absolutely nothing.


As you can see from the Facebook video, pandemonium ensued.  Tina says she could hear the crowd screaming and welcomed the moment with her “little Tina dance.”


“I did my silly happy dance and hugged my judge,” she said, adding, with a grin in her voice: “Looking back on my life so far, the birth of my daughters Hanna, Gracie and Emma comes first and that last lift is second!”


So what does Tina find so appealing about CrossFit? “I was so sick of the machines,” Tina says. “CrossFit changes it up so much. I like the strength training and the flexibility work. And I love the gymnastics parts.”


“Tina is an exercise machine but also happens to be one of the most modest people I know,” said Mike Herman. “I’m glad that CrossFit has gotten her to try things she never thought she would be able to do.”


And what about CrossFit Summa? “For a long time, I’ve wanted to try CrossFit but it has always seemed so intimidating,” Tina said. “At Summa, the coaches are super nice and so knowledgeable. I completely respect them. I just love their whole concept. They take it nice and slow. And most importantly, as coach Matt always says, its about having fun and that I do!” 

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