In Their Own Words


Members of Summa Nation are are passionate bunch. Passionate about their workouts. Passionate about their friends and family and passionate about CrossFit Summa. Here's what some of them have said about the CrossFit Summa experience.

Linay Williams: "Best Parts of My Day"


"My fitness journey started three years ago with simply losing weight and has since morphed into getting fitter and stronger one day at a time. The atmosphere that has been created and fostered at Summa is one that is genuine and open and fun. Even a bad day at Summa is one of the best parts of my day."

Sean Grant: "No ego or elitism"


"Matt and Mike have successfully created an environment where there is no ego or elitism ... encouragement is in the air every time you walk into Summa. We’re all equals, and the only thing that’s better, is, today over yesterday!"

Nell Schreck: "Enriched my life"


Summa is a place I can go each day and feel completely accepted for who I am, yet pushed to want to keep improving to be better. Summa has taken the mentality of the non-athletic girl from gym class and crushed her. Because of Matt and Blake, and the community they created, I feel like I can do things I never dreamed of and now I’m dreaming even bigger! 

Michael Michener: "Friendship, Hardship, Inspiration and Challenge"



I thought Crossfit would just be another workout. It, and Crossfit Summa, has become so much more. It is Friendship, Hardship, Inspiration and Challenge. It has become like family and an obsession. In short Summa has become the Exercise and the Community that I've been searching for.

Leann Hanshaw: "Welcoming, friendly, supportive and STRONG"


CrossFit Summa is just as the name implies: the highest, the best coaches, the best programming and the best community. I wasn't sure how I'd fit in since it seemed like everyone already knew each other. Well, that was a stupid thing to worry about! The Summa family is welcoming, friendly, supportive and STRONG!! It is extremely difficult to find someone to not be inspired by.

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