August 2014: Nell Schreck


Nell Power


What does Nell Schreck really, really want? Other than a hundred unbroken double-unders and a 100-pound snatch? 


More than anything else, Nell wants to show people that they can do things they never thought were possible.  It wasn't that long ago that she didn't think she was "good enough" to play sports. Through CrossFit, she has discovered that anyone can be an athlete.


Nell is best known as the passionate, 27-year-old member who challenged the CrossFit Summa community to complete 2,000 burpees in one month. That's a lot of burpees! She recruited several other Summa members to participate in the "Burpee Challenge" with the promise of improved fitness and self-pride.


"At its core, the 'Burpee Challenge' demonstrated that if you spend time where you fail, and actively work to get better, you will become a more well-rounded CrossFit athlete," she explains.


Before Nell joined Summa, she refused to try CrossFit. She had heard the common myths about the sport, and she was fearful. After trying a few CrossFit-inspired classes led by Matt Herman at a local fitness center, she decided to give the real deal a shot. During Summa's Grand Opening event in June 2013, every fear she had melted away. She quickly realized that CrossFit Summa was a welcoming and safe place, and CrossFit was a sport to embrace. She recognized that the coaches were helpful and the community was unlike anything she'd experienced before. 


"I found Summa at just the right time in my life," she says. "I was on my way to becoming a runner, but running had become boring and painful. I was also experiencing some health issues and needed an activity to keep my attention focused on something other than what was going on in my outside life."


Nell has since become CrossFit Level One Certified. She did it to increase her personal knowledge of CrossFit with the goal of helping others achieve the same success she's had.


"I want to show people that it doesn't matter where you start, and it's not about being the best, the strongest or the fastest. It's about being better than you ever thought you could be," says Nell, who didn't even know what a muscle-up was two years ago. Now it's a goal she has her sights set on.


"One of the most important things about CrossFit is to set goals and to show yourself that no matter how long it takes, if you don't quit, you will get there," she adds.


Nell attributes the unconditional support of the CrossFit Summa community to changing her life. "I started CrossFit during a tough time in my life. Summa became my port in the storm. It was the one thing I could really count on when so much seemed uncertain," she says. "I have met so many people who have improved my life in and out of the gym."


She has officially "joined the cult" and has no intention of turning back. "One of the best parts of CrossFit is what it teaches you not only about fitness but also about yourself," says Nell.


She learned that a supportive community could encourage her to do more when she felt she had nothing left to give. During those moments, someone always seemed to be there to lift her back up. 


"You won't find a more supportive group of people who genuinely want to see each other succeed," she says. "CrossFit Summa is a place where everyone roots for one another."

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