Summa Nation


Since opening its doors in a renovated barn in June 2013, CrossFit Summa has produced a remarkably close community that has great time while working hard.















Birthdays and anniversaries are routinely celebrated with special workouts and in-box treats and restaurant excursions. Summa members have come together to contribute dozens of hours of work for Habitat for Humanity and have raised special funds for several area charities.

Our Facebook chat has generated thousands of messages. And we've supported our Box too: dozens of us showed up for moving day, lifting tens of thousands of pounds of plates and equipment into our new facility in a matter of hours.

This is the homepage for Summa Nation, the always-under-construction place for us to celebrate our victories and laugh together over our silliness. Come back often to relive the memories.


CrossFit Summa's PR bell handmade by Jay Smith. Thanks for the unique contribution to Summa Nation, Jay!

Moving Day Pics

Habitat for Humanity Pics

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