October 2014:


We've Got Big Love for Jess Stone


If you haven’t take a CrossFit class with Jess Stone, you need to switch up your workout schedule at least for a day, just to see this woman in action. She’s a burst of energy, a tiny yet determined machine. Always smiling. Never quitting. Her enthusiasm literally fills the room.


What’s her secret? She’ll tell you it’s the supportive community she has found at CrossFit Summa. Her coaches will tell you it’s her drive and optimistic outlook.


“Jess always enters the gym with a smile and a positive attitude toward even the seemingly hardest workouts,” says coach Mike Herman. “I am always telling her that she is one of the most improved members at CrossFit Summa. She is getting stronger in a hurry.”


It’s been less than a year since Jess took her first CrossFit class. She discovered Summa not long after her family relocated from Orange County, Calif., to Bucks County, Pa. She was looking to step up her fitness routine and also hoping to meet some new people. A friend told her about Summa, and she stopped in one day just to take a look. She never looked back.


“I had always been a runner and made a point to stay fit, but I hadn’t done much strength training,” she says. “When I came to my first class, I was barely able to manage two pull-ups with two bands. Now I can do three or four strict pull-ups without a band.”


She can also lift weight that far exceeds her slight 5’ frame. “I really had very little upper-body strength before I started to CrossFit. Now I can lift more than 125 pounds,” she says. “It’s really amazing to me to see how quickly I have gotten stronger. It’s a testament to the excellent and supportive coaching.”


Jess tries to do a complete WOD most weekdays, resting a bit or running on the weekends. She has encouraged her husband, Josh, to come to class as well. It would be hard not to get caught up in her enthusiasm.


Is it her fierce determination or cheerful disposition that lifts the spirits of every exhausted body around her in class? “Her great work ethic and outlook is infectious at Summa. It is also the key to her fast improvement,” says Mike.