CrossFit Summa Programming Philosophy

Our experiences as personal trainers, CrossFit competitors and CrossFit coaches have molded our philosophy on what makes a good exercise program. We enthusiastically endorse the core of the science underlying CrossFit's definition of a well-rounded individual: the ability to perform constantly varied movements at relatively high intensity over broad time domains.

Our Summa workouts of the day (WODs) are designed to develop an individual's ability to move well and with proper technique even while fatigued. We focus on progressively improving gymnastic or bodyweight strength as well as learning technique first before increasing weight on lifting movements in a linear progression over time.


We program our WODs upon different levels of intensity. For example, during a 50 meter all-out sprint, the intensity is very high for the whole duration. If someone went for a 10 mile run, that intensity will be lower but the duration will be longer. As a CrossFitter and a human being, you need all levels of intensity and duration with your workouts. This will insure that you are working all of your different metabolic pathways and increasing your metabolism and lean muscle tissue. 


Constanstly varying all of our workouts insures that an athlete will not "plateau" and lose fitness gains. We are constantly changing the equipment being used such as barbells, dumbbells, kettebells, ropes, bodyweight, and bands to keep the workouts fresh and fun. All under the watchful eye of our coaches that ensure that each member of the class knows exactly what is expected of each movement. 






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