Summa Nation CrossFitter of the Month

Tina starred in one of the most exciting moments of 2014 for CrossFit Summa. In November, she participated (along with more than 20 other Summa athletes) in a regional competition called Rally in the Valley. Through a long day of 4 events, from rowing to squat complexes, from thrusters to running, Tina placed well enough in the women’s master division to qualify for the final last competition. And then the fun started. Read more about Tina.

If you haven’t take a CrossFit class with Jess Stone, you need to switch up your workout schedule at least for a day, just to see this woman in action. She’s a burst of energy, a tiny yet determined machine. Always smiling. Never quitting. Her enthusiasm literally fills the room. Read More About Jess.

Before Joan and Linay Williams joined CrossFit Summa, they were two of Warwick Township's "Biggest Losers." They participated in the weight loss competition for the first time in 2010, losing about 170 pounds combined. Read More About Joan and Linay.

What does Nell Schreck really, really want? Other than a hundred unbroken double-unders and a 100-pound snatch? More than anything else, Nell wants to show people that they can do things they never thought were possible.  It wasn't that long ago that she didn't think she was "good enough" to play sports. Through CrossFit, she has discovered that anyone can be an athlete. Read More About Nell.

Vinny Minissale is a real family guy.  He works tirelessly to run the Minissale family business, Tony’s Pizza and Pasta in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. And then he works out even more intensely with his 18-year-old twin brothers at CrossFit Summa. Read More About Vinny.

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