Is CrossFit Right for Me?

Short answer? Yes! CrossFit is infinitely scalable and can challenge you no matter what your starting point.  Anyone with an open mind, positive attitude and desire to learn, grow and work hard can see results!

Do I need to be in great shape to come to CrossFit?

No! This is a big misconception. You come to CrossFit to GET into shape, and we will meet you where you are. CrossFit is for everyone, and your coach will work with you every day to scale the weight, duration, and intensity of the workout of the day to make it right for you.  Once you start at CrossFit Summa and stay consistent, you will see your health and fitness improve.  Like we say here, you will become, better than yesterday!

Why CrossFit?

It's the Community! We love to have fun, work hard and support one another. CrossFit Summa is accepting of everyone and we are striving to improve the community we serve! Look at our Community page for more info!



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