The CrossFit Open: Why Summa Competes


Once a year the CrossFit community comes together to participate in the CrossFit Open, a test of fitness consisting of five workouts over a five week span. CrossFit athletes of all ages and abilities leave it all out on the floor at their affiliates to see where they rank in the world. Some are competing in the Open in the hopes of progressing to Regionals or the CrossFit Games while others are competing for more personal reasons.


As coaches, we encourage everyone to participate in the Open but someone who is new to CrossFit or is not interested in competition may be hard to convince. So we asked different Summa athletes, some new to Open and some veterans, to tells us why they signed up for the 2015 CrossFit Open.



















Jess Stone, a first time Open competitor pictured above during the Halloween WOD, said: “I’m probably not the best one to ask. I was not planning on signing up even though I am planning to do all the WOD’s. I heard it would help you guys to have more numbers signed up as an affiliate. That’s really why I did it. Personally, I just want to do the workouts to see all the things that I can do now (versus a year ago when I started) and also to see where I still need a lot of work.”



















Trish Rosiak judged the Open last year and will be both judging and competing this year. She admits that last year she “wasn’t ready” but says she is looking forward to the competetion this year and not-so-secretly hoping for a rowing WOD. Trish says that she signed up for the Open this year “because they have a scaled option! My initial goal in joining CrossFit was to ensure I’d be capable of hauling a 50 pound suitcase around for as long as possible. I’ve got that now and keep going to continue to push the envelope. Life is more interesting on the edge of my comfort zone.”




























Lindsey Farthing, another first time competitor, seconds Jess. “I signed up thanks to the encouragement of my friends at Summa who made me want to push myself and actually be able to track my results," she said. "I also have a Friday happy hour habit so the after WOD parties on Friday nights will be the perfect way to celebrate our hard work as a group each week!”





























Summa Coach and competitor Matt Herman vividly remembers his first Open experience in 2013. “It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come, not only in my fitness level but my life and career," he said. "So much has changed since then. I feel that the Open is a great benchmark to look back at and it brings out the best in people. I expect everyone at Summa to push a little harder than they ever have before. I know everyone will make us proud!”        


Some of us will sign up to see what skills they have mastered, others will sign up to see what they need to improve upon and some will throw down on Friday nights to have fun with friends and their Summa family.


Whatever your reason for competing in this year’s Open, one thing is certain: you will learn something new about yourself and be surrounded by support. Sign up today at and let’s workout!


By Mike Herman 




















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